Our Vision

The members of the Next Step Christian Church will love one another and live up to our full Christian potential in order to be found mature and complete in Christ. We will accomplish this by the grace and power of God through worship, fellowship, service, holy living, outreach, and edification.


What is Worship?

We will worship in honesty before God and in the power of the Holy Spirit on the Sabbath.

Worship is a response to who God is, what he has done, and what he continues to do in the lives of his people. Worship is both an individual and corporate response to God. After opportunities for individual and family worship during the week, we look forward to gathering on the Sabbath in the name of Jesus, expecting God’s presence to fill our worship experience. This worship experience strengthens our relationship with God and each other.

How We Worship

The worship response of the Next Step Christian Church is informal and contemporary. Our worship team is accompanied by guitar, piano, bass guitar, and drums. Our worship experience lifts our spirits and brings us into the presence of God.


What is Fellowship?

We will commit ourselves to regular attendance, participation in each others lives, and giving of money, time, and talents.

Fellowship is a loving closeness church members have with each other because of the common life in Christ. It is expressed in our concern and care for each other, our unity in the work and worship of the church, and a partnership in fulfilling the purposes of the church.


What is Service?

We will care for the community in loving ministry.

The church serves Christ, the head of the church, acting in his name to accomplish his will in the world by the power of the Holy Spirit and to the glory of God. This service includes the ministry of the members to each other, Acts of mercy to outsiders, and service to the gospel around the world. 

Holy Living

What is Holy Living?

We will encourage one another to lead holy lives motivated by our love for God and his word, the Bible.

We are called to believe and live by the truths found in God’s word, the Bible. The Bible is our only guide and standard for belief and living. The message we proclaim must not be different than the message we live. It is in our holy living and holy thinking that the world around us will see the glory of God. 


What is Outreach?

We will share the gospel one person and one family at a time, in the places and relationships where God has strategically called us.

Every believer has the responsibility to be light in the midst of darkness where ever God has strategically placed us in our family, neighborhood, workplace, school, friends, etc. We must so live our lives that others are attracted to the gospel. And, we must be prepared to tell others the plan of salvation by grace through faith. The next step and first step for unbelievers is faith in the person and work of Jesus. 


What is Edification?

We will equip fellow believers, leaders, and future pastors to fulfill their calling and use their spiritual gifts within the body of Christ and encourage them to increase in their knowledge of God and his word, the Bible.

As a next step church, every one of us is challenged to take the next step in our beliefs, maturity, and ministry. Our church seeks to encourage and equip people to take those steps and the steps that follow. We mentor seminary students and send them off to serve churches around the country. And we edify the children in our church to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.