Our History

The Next Step Christian Church owes its existence to faithful Seventh Day Baptist men and women of God who through many generations carried the torch of the gospel and the Sabbath. These pioneers carried their faith and spirit with them from our first church in Newport, Rhode Island in 1671, to the frontiers of the western United States.  

In the 1890’s, Seventh Day Baptist services began to be held in Denver. For several decades, the Boulder church provided pastoral leadership for the group meeting in Denver. In 1925, the Seventh Day Baptists meeting in Denver rented the Clough Methodist Church at 33 Kalamath Street. But it was not until November 17, 1928, that the church was officially organized into a Seventh Day Baptist church. In 1930, the church purchased the Clough Methodist Church building for $3000, with a loan from the SDB Memorial Board. 

In 1959, the property at 2301 Wadsworth, in Lakewood, was purchased. It had a house which could be used for a church parsonage and land enough for a sanctuary, fellowship hall, and parking lot. The first building erected in 1960, was a fellowship hall that was used as the sanctuary. The larger sanctuary was finally built and dedicated in 1969. 

In 1963, Paul Hummel agreed to deed over 236 acres of Rocky Mountain land on Lee Hill to the Denver and Boulder churches. Money was secured from the SDB Memorial Board to make necessary capital improvements. Every year the Denver and Boulder Seventh Day Baptist churches continue to provide a Christian camping experience for children of all ages at Camp Paul Hummel. 

From its first meetings in the 1890’s, to its organization as a church in 1928, the Denver Seventh Day Baptist Church owes its existence to the faithfulness of Seventh Day Baptists who have gone on before us. Seventh Day Baptists have a history of moving to new frontiers. 

In March, 2007, the church sold its building, moved to Thornton, CO and changed its name to the Next Step Christian Church. We rented a facility while we built our new church, which was completed in September, 2011. May God find us faithful to carry out our responsibility to the cause of Christ in our new “frontier” of Thornton, Colorado.