Weekly Newsletter



Small groups kicked off at our Family Meeting on January 22nd. We'll be sharing how we learned to have open eyes and hearts for those from a diversity of cultures that are across the street and around the world.


Our Worship Team has been hard at work providing a Facebook Live Streaming of our Sabbath Services via our Facebook page every Saturday @11am. You can also watch via our this website on the Live-Stream page.


Our next membership class will be in June TBD. Please email, text or call Pastor Dusty to sign-up. All are welcome! pastordusty@nextstepchurch.org


Northglenn Rescue Mission: Saturdays after service for prepping food. Food for 30 people to be delivered at 7pm. We need volunteers for this item. It is a short-term mission to last only 18 weeks (through the end of August). Contact Kelly parker139@gmail.com or Karen karenkmackintosh@gmail.com to get plugged in!

Thursday Outreach Lunches: Thursdays @12noon at Webster Lake/EB Raines Park. All hands are welcome to come join in passing out food and developing community with the least of these. If you can join for meal prep, it begins at 10am at NSCC. Join us in the large pavilions just south of Webster lake for building community and relationships. It's exciting times!

Food Drive: We will keep our Food Drive on-going. Please drop your non-perishables and PPE in the metal bin in the foyer.

Small Food Pantry: The Youth has embraced this item. They dug a hole and set a pole. The committee will be putting together the small pantry. Youth will put it together and install.

Message Board: The message board has been installed! We are filling it with resources!

We are connecting with Community Partners and finding ways to volunteering with other vibrant and active ministries that are already serving the homeless in our area. We are dedicated to pursue the "Least of These" in our community. Thank you for those that have participated over the last year - as we look forward to a rich 2022 reaching those around us!!


Yes! We are still up & running. Next meeting Monday March 7th 2022.

  • Meetings will be first Monday of the month, 6:30pm, at NSCC

For more info contact Camille Henry, Trustee & Women's Ministry Leader: camilleghenry7@gmail.com


OneWay Youth

  • Join here if we decide to do a virtual meeting.

Church-wide Zoom Hang-outs Join here if we designate virtual meetings.

  • We are excited that we are back together again for in-person services. Thanks for everyone for joining in. We're happy to do this again in the future. However, we won't schedule regular ZOOM meetings for the now.


We are looking for active and engaging people to be on the front lines of greeting! Reach out to Pastor Dusty for more information on how to get involved pastordusty@nextstepchurch.org


We are looking into all the ways to continue live-streaming. We don't know all the hurdles ahead, but we know we will need more hands on deck to do all the things. Email Kelly Parker, Worship Coordinator for more information on volunteering worship@nextstepchurch.org

Michaella Osborn

NSCC has started supporting Michaella Osborn on a monthly basis. She is serving with Global Frontier Missions in Clarkson, GA. You can sign up for her newsletter here.

Paul and Amy Petersen

NSCC has started supporting Paul and Amy Petersen monthly. They are serving with Navigators at CU Boulder. You can view and subscribe to their updates by visiting their Epistle Newsletter Site. UPDATE: The Petersons are moving to Dallas beginning May 2021. Paul will be finishing seminary on-site. He will still be on staff with Navigators in a new role. They are also expecting baby #3! Big prayers for this precious family. They intend to move back to Boulder after Paul graduates next May 2020 to continue ministry with the Navigators.

Kanan SDB Church, Manipur India

NSCC has started supporting this ministry. This is a Burmese group from the Zomi people. They minister to Christians across the border in Burma.


If you have a need or want to know how to plug into all our efforts, please reach out via help@nextstepchurch.org